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Fortinet to Acquire AI-Powered Cloud Security Platform Lacework

Safari, Microsoft Edge, & DuckDuckGo Spoofing Flaws Impacting Millions of Users

Chrome Introduced Shared Memory Versioning to Enhance Browser Performance

Kiosk Mode Bypass Flaw On Hotel Check-in Terminal Leaks Guests Personal Data

Hackers Employ JavaScript Framework To Trick Users Copy, Paste And Command Execution

Hackers Actively Exploiting Checkpoint 0-Day Flaw

Microsoft Observed Huge-Surge In Attacks Targeting Internet-Exposed OT Devices In WWS

Indian Stock Exchange BSE Starts Encrypting Messages to Traders

Russian Hackers Charged For Selling Unauthorized Access To Computer Networks

Notorious Data Leak Site Breachforums is back From the Seizure

Hackers Advertising Pulse Connect Secure VPN RCE 0-Day

Ransomware Attacks Targeting VMware ESXi Infrastructure Adopt New Pattern

Threat Actor Claiming Access to AWS, Azure, MongoDB & Github API Keys

Rockwell Automation Warns Admin to Disconnect Devices From Internet

CasperSecurity Stealer Attacking Windows Machine to Steal RDP Credentials

Hackers Exploited GitHub and FileZilla to Deliver Banking Malware

CISA Reveals Guidance For Implementation of Encrypted DNS Protocols

Earth Hundun Hacker Group Employs Advanced Tactics to Evade Detection

WaveStealer Malware Delivered Via Telegram & Discord Messaging Platforms

Royal Tiger Group With Spoofed Phone Numbers Stealing Credit Card Data: FCC

Google Cloud Accidentally Deletes $125 Billion Pension Fund’s Online Account

Alert! Google Chrome Zero-day Exploited in the Wild

FBI Warns of Phishing Attack Targeting Retail Corporate Offices

City of Wichita Ransomware Attack: Services Impacted

SandStorm Hackers Added New Kapeka Tool to it’s Arsenal

AI Powered Deepfake Detector to Combact Deepfakes Threats

Operation PANDORA Shutdown 12 Fake Call Centers that Steal Over €10M

Beware! Threat Actors Selling RDO Access on Hacker Forums

Millions of Docker Hub Repositories Found Pushing Malware for Over 5 Years

Ex-Infosec Designer Sentenced to Over 21 Years in Prison

ICICI Bank Data Leak Exposes 17,000 Customers’ Credit Card Data

Chrome Critical Flaw Let Attackers Execute Arbitary Code : Patch Now

Google Meet Now Allows Non-Google Account Users to Join Encrypted Calls

New Wavestealer Spotted in Wild Stealing Login Credentials & Credit Card Data

WordPress Responsive theme Flaw Let Attackers Inject Malicious HTML Scripts

Hackers Mimic Road Toll Collection Services to Steal Your Money

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