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iAssure™, a web based Audit & Compliance management tool from SB Technologies, helps in having efficient risk management, effective compliance management and resourceful governance structure for wide range of industries. The core engine of iAssure™ can be easily configurable to suite versatile checklists and can be completely customizable to the business needs – with a provision to have centralized repository for all compliance related evidences.

iAssure™ will standardize and improve the internal audit - to be in compliant with multiple regulations in one go; iAssure™ can be used as ‘training and consulting portal’ for Consulting and Training entities; iAssure™ can play vital role for any certifying bodies during clients’ certification and assessment.

iAssure™ -
  • Helps with organization specific parameters/checklists for - Physical Security, Cyber Security, Business Performance Review, Regulatory and Compliance.
  • Assists with - timely scheduling, tracking, follow-ups & reminders to focus on high risk areas, track the non-conformance, track the assigned activities.
  • Enables required data abstraction for senior leadership as well compliance leader review by focusing on metrics, key observations, confidential notes etc.
  • Enhances reporting and data analytics with multi-level reporting provision to facilitate operational, tactical, and strategic level decision making.

Latest News

  • iAssure MFI
    Easily configurable and customizable Internal audit tool for any size MFI/NBFC
  • iAssure HIPAA
    HIPAA 5010 Compliance and Self-Assessment tool for Ambulatory Care
  • iAssure 9X
    ISO 9001: Pre audit tool for ISO Consultants, Audit tool for Certifying Bodies and Internal Audit tool for ISO Certified Organizations
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